Society 6.0


Becoming a member

Digital or analogue

Fill out your membership application.

We provide you with two options to fill out your membership application and send it signed to us. Please also download our statutes and our ethics principles.

In the near future, our process will be carried out completely online.
Fill your data in the online membership form. These are checked by us. After successful verification, you will receive an electronic signature from Docusign with which you can sign your membership application. Then you will receive a completely electronically signed pdf file for your documents.
You can download the membership application as a pdf file, fill it out and send us a signed and scanned version by email.
Our email address is:

Cooperative shares

Cooperative shares form the capital of a cooperative. At least one cooperative share is necessary to join a cooperative. A share costs EUR 250.00. Each member can purchase up to a maximum of 20 shares.

Membership dues

In our cooperative, we collect annual membership fees. The membership fees are staggered according to the financial possibilities of the members. These contributions are used to support cooperative work, projects, and actions, as well as members who are non-contributory and committed to the sustainability and responsibility of our society to provide the necessary support.

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