Excecutive Board

On February 27, 2021, our board members and supervisory board members were elected at the founding meeting.

Ruth's whole life was and is characterized by sustainability - whether in private or professional life. She recognized very early on that a well-founded knowledge transfer and the implementation of knowledge in practice are the keys to a more sustainable society. More than 15 years ago, she developed the ideas for a sustainable society, which she is now implementing in the cooperative together with her members. Ruth is a physicist and has experience in many different areas. She has a strong sense of justice and wants fair considerations and treatments without discriminating against groups or persons. She is very committed to social and technological issues and the connection of people with each other.

We have a new second board of directors

Curious? Soon our reinforcement will introduce itself here. In the sense of an equal distribution, you will find here a male board member, who was selected according to qualifications. That's how much we want to reveal.

Supervisory Board

Rainer Bachmann

Rainer was already fascinated by the possibilities of digitization during his physics studies and has intensively implemented complex tasks in programs at various institutes of RWTH Aachen. He has always tried to pass on his knowledge and thus inspire his environment for technology and scientific topics. He has also succeeded well in the management levels of international corporations. Since the world has to change, he is increasingly enthusiastic about the now trendy digitization of the energy transition, which will reach down to low voltage - he tries to convey innovative ideas together with colleagues and to show an integrated, European energy generation market with sustainable generation and storage possibilities and to make the advantages clear. These explanations must reach all levels of society without discrimination: this is the vision that led him to get involved in Society6.0.
Elisabeth is currently a Master's student in management. Before completing her studies, she was able to gain her first management experience during her apprenticeship and subsequent further training. Elisabeth likes to get involved and always wants to get to know new areas of activity. For them, sport and a conscious diet are integral parts of her everyday life. Since the age of 17, she has been an enthusiastic Zumba trainer and successfully motivates the participants of her courses.

Sascha Brömel