Society 6.0


MAke a difference.

In addition to membership in our cooperative, you can also support our goals and our projects as a sponsor. The support as a sponsor is an opportunity to further advance the transformation into a knowledge-based, responsible, and sustainable society and to receive a variety of advantages for your organization, your company or you personally and professionally. Your support shows that the holistic approach of addressing the challenges of our society from different perspectives is essential for you to achieve a sustainable and responsible society.

Your support as a sponsor makes a significant contribution to

  • the sustainable development of our society in harmony with our environment,
  • a future-oriented socio-economic and technological development,
  • various projects to achieve a better level of education and a sustainable society,
  • the dismantling of reservations about technologies,
  • a respectful interaction with each other,
  • on the increased recognition of non-academic professions.

If you represent an organization or a company, sponsoring offers you an optimal opportunity to present yourself as a committed, environmentally conscious, and socially committed employer and thus address suitable employees.

Become a Sustainability Ambassador and contact us for more information.