"For knowledge itself is power."*

The transformation of our society into a knowledge-based, sustainable, and responsible society is only possible if we can deal more deeply with the many and in some cases very strongly interlinked topics in our society. In this area, for your information and the expansion of your knowledge and horizons, you will find publications of our cooperative, its members or interesting information from other groups after we have obtained their consent. It is important to us to be able to question topics and content, to check sources and references, and not to consider everything as truth. We would like to encourage you to ask questions and find answers together with us. It is our goal in our cooperative network to develop solutions together with our members and to implement them where possible.

*The saying "Knowledge is power" goes back to a quote by Francis Bacon "For knowledge itself is power" in 1598. Even though this quote is already a few hundred years old, it has not lost any of its accuracy. Whether it is about the use of fire by Homo Erectus about 700,000 years BC, the realization that hand washing can avoid diseases and death, as discovered in the 1840s by the Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweiß to reduce maternal mortality after childbirth, or about the development of Konrad Zuse's computer in 1941, who built the first computer in the world: They who know how something works or how to use it sensibly, has the best conditions to positively influence their own lives and also the lives of others. You can use knowledge for yourself, you can pass it on or develop it further together with others to make a difference.


Why Society6.0?

I first heard the term Society5.0 as a further development of the term Industry4.0 in Germany on a business trip to Japan at the beginning of 2017 and directly felt attracted by it: The idea of putting people at the center to master future economic and social challenges is very attractive. The business model of Society5.0, as propagated in Japan, looks at people in a technology-based environment and with many resulting application scenarios that are essentially considered smart.

Smart is almost everything ...