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Here you will find the short profiles of the organizations and companies of our cooperative.

Individual members, such as individuals and families, will only be listed upon express request.

Architecture with existing buildings is the key

From classic building construction to shopfitting projects in the luxury segment, furniture, and object design to the planning of passive houses, Atelier Winkler is at your side, from first sketches to completion. Each construction project is as individual and unique as the people who fill the buildings with life, whether in the private or business sector. New constructions, studies, conversions, renovations, or passive house design, on a national or international level, Atelier Winkler executes your ideas with experience, creativity and up to date knowledge and technologies. A sustainable and environmentally friendly building design is the focus of Atelier Winkler.


Competitive advantage through individually tailored solutions

Together with its partners, E:E Consulting provides you with concentrated expertise in the areas of smart city, electromobility, IT infrastructure, and transformation. Each customer is individual and is advised by us with a tailor-made solution. Purely customer-specific. Competently on the pulse of time. Creating competitive advantages.

Bildungsfreiheit und Bildungsgerechtigkeit.

"Einfach Nachhilfe" is a German start-up, dedicated to education. In just three years, the company has become one of the largest cooperation partners of the state of Baden-Württemberg in the Corona catch-up program "Lernen mit Rückenwind". Each week, we support more than 1,500 students and support schools in Germany to overcome deficits in academic and social-emotional areas. With over 250 teachers, we provide students of all backgrounds with a meaningful and very well-paid part-time job where they can gain practical educational experience. We are committed to achieving greater educational equality in Germany. This includes, on the one hand, free remedial teaching in schools throughout Baden-Württemberg and, on the other, low-cost individual tutoring at children's homes in Germany.

We digitize your sales.

Digitally win inquiries & automate sales through intelligent sales solutions.

Desire for 1:1 live experiences is unbroken.

As organizers of hybrid and digital events, we create space for interactive encounters in real time. Professional and sustainable.

INNOCISE implements innovative gripper solutions for industrial pick-and-place processes.

Based on its Gecomer® technology, INNOCISE produces special polymers that are able to handle components from several meters to less than 10 micrometers with the highest precision and efficiency. Inspired by nature, the gripping and placing of the workpieces is residue-free and, compared to conventional vacuum systems, does not require external energy. This energy saving makes an important contribution to the green production of the future.


More sustainability in microtechnology

IVAM connects people who are passionate about key technologies and the way these technologies shape our lives and our future. Especially with regard to sustainability, micro- and nanotechnology as platform technologies offer enormous potential for the development of future-oriented solutions.


Photonics for sustainable networking

Optics/photonics as a cross-sectional technology plays a continuously important role in the field of sustainability. We create a business platform for you with which we connect people with ideas and people with opportunities.


Photosynthetic B.V. realizes high-speed 3D polymer printing.

Photosynthetic is a young tech start up founded in 2019 in Amsterdam, developing a new manufacturing platform for microstructures. Our interdisciplinary approach to 3D printing has allowed us to break boundaries in manufacturing.

Holistic approaches to solving complex challenges.

With more than 33 years of experience in various technologies, R&D, education, ThinkMade provides consulting services on technology transfer, innovation and disruption, start-ups and entrepreneurship, implementation of procedures and technologies in existing process chains, benchmarking and process development. ThinkMade's focus is on sustainability, optimization, simplification and cost reduction of technological and business processes.

Through solutions for production rejects, excess stock and waste, we build a circular economy with closed resource loops with Upstream. Upstream goes beyond consulting, searching and evaluating every potential for the material: classic upcycling, matching and circular products and processes. For this, we are in regular exchange with marketplaces, excellent product designers and inventive companies.

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