Society 6.0

Vision and Mission.

Make connections. Empower people. Responsibility.

Society6.0 – Movement for people and the environment connects families, individuals, organizations, and companies of our society in a large, cross-thematic network. We empower people to actively shape social, economic, ecological, and technological challenges in a meaningful way for everyone, regardless of whether these are everyday or global challenges. We see no contradiction in bringing together economic interests, technologies and the environment and are committed to sustainability. Through a holistic view of socially relevant topics and the development of solutions, we achieve a rethinking and a transformation of society. All people, regardless of their position in society, are invited to contribute to the cooperative. We are creating a sustainable society in which people have understood that they themselves must actively take responsibility in order to achieve an improvement in living conditions and an increase in the quality of life for all, without exploiting themselves and our environment.

Improve living conditions. Active Exchange.
Measurable solutions.

We want to achieve better living conditions, more responsibility, and measurable solutions to everyday or global problems through transparency and knowledge transfer, not only by seeing people in the context of technologies, but also embedded in a large number of related topics in which technologies are an important topic, but also only a partial aspect. It is our mission to build a sustainable and self-reliant society, which is one of the central variables for mastering the economic, ecological, and social challenges of our society. To this end, we promote an active exchange between members and jointly develop solutions to the various topics by accepting the different angles of view of our members and not just looking at individual aspects. We do not build a parallel structure, but use and network existing structures and movements sensibly in order to restore the connection between people and politics. Society6.0 – Movement for People and Environment creates a sense of togetherness and responsibility in which people can perceive the bond and regain the feeling of being heard, being respected, and of being able to actively contribute to make a difference.

"It is our mission to build a sustainable and self-reliant society, which is one of the central factors in mastering the economic, ecological, and social challenges of our society by involving all people."

society 6.0

Our Approach. Holistic Transformation.

Society6.0 offers a network platform that promotes an exchange on social, economic, ecological, and technological topics. For this purpose, the many individual and in many places already started very good approaches are brought together in a topic-oriented and cross-topic network. The disinterest of many people is transformed into interest by communication that is understandable to everyone and the establishment of connections between the economic, social, ecological, and technological issues of our society. We have no fear of contact and focus on education, further education, and knowledge transfer, regardless of status and ability. We look at areas of daily life and transform new insights to acceptance by the people, who are then also willing to take on responsibility. People's trust in society, politics, and the economy is absolutely necessary for sustainable economic and ecological development and must be rebuilt.


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