Society 6.0

Success through member benefits.

We enable the success of our members.

As a network, Society 6.0 – Bewegung für Menschen und Umwelt eG i.G. is convinced that the key to the success of the transformation of society into a sustainable and responsible society is only possible through the cooperation of all people, regardless of their social position, in a strong network that connects organizations, individuals, families, and companies. Through open and comprehensible communication, our members can discuss their ideas for solving social, technological, or economic problems objectively with each other and develop proposals for solutions, which we can present through our networks to the political levels and thus help shape politically. It is important to us to give people a space in which they have enough freedom to seek the topics differently and from different perspectives and to develop the best and feasible solutions through discussion and collaborative work.

Member benefits. Global and specific benefits.

  • Socio-economic sustainability through joint action in a strong network to improve living conditions and transform into a sustainable and responsible society.
  • Education and knowledge transfer for personal and professional development for all people. Fit for the future.
  • Transparent structures and democratization of knowledge regardless of membership status.
  • Holistic view of the socio-economic and technological topics of our society and its value chains for the transformation into a knowledge-based society.
  • Introduction of ideas and proposed solutions by all members on social issues to support positive changes through an open, solution-oriented and targeted discussion culture in which topics with measurable results and feasible recommendations for action are developed.
  • Independent think tank for developing and implementing ideas.

OUr specific benefits.

Depending on the respective event program, the members have free or paid access at sometimes greatly reduced prices. The events and academies are subject to a fee for non-members, whereby there may be a reduction in the event price according to the number of participating persons from an organization. All other services of the cooperative are not available to non-members. Participation in trade fairs held by Society6.0 is possible for exhibiting members at reduced prices, for visiting members largely free of charge and for exhibiting and visiting non-members.

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