Movement for People and Environment

Network for Socio-Economic Disruption


We touch on all areas of sustainability to shape a future worth living in.


We enable people, regardless of their status and ability, to make their contribution to a more sustainable society.


We have understood that technologies have a huge impact on the achievement of our climate goals and are committed to sustainable technologies and investments.


We enable all people to gain the necessary understanding of social, ecological, and technological challenges in order to become fit for the future.

Independent think tank

Ideas have always enabled people to make progress. We would like to get to know your ideas as your contribution to actively shape our future.

our vision

Together, we achieve better living conditions, more responsibility and measurable solutions to everyday or global problems through a holistic view of social challenges and knowledge transfer.

We connect networks, organizations, businesses, families, and individuals to achieve a common cause that cannot be achieved on its own and leads to measurable solutions to everyday or global problems.

"It is our mission to build a sustainable and self-reliant society, which is one of the central factors in mastering the economic, ecological, and social challenges of our society by involving all people."

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Membership Benefits

become a member and get

Education and further qualification

Education and knowledge transfer for personal and professional development for all people: Impart fact-based knowledge and become fit for the future through empowerment.

Participation in events

Holistic view of the socio-economic, ecological, and technological topics of our society and its value chains from different perspectives. Development of solutions.

Access to members' networks

Socio-economic sustainability through joint action in a strong network to improve living conditions.

Independent think tank

Contributing ideas and proposed solutions by all members on social, socio-economic, ecological, and technological topics.

our member organizations

Participate in our movement - for your future!