Society 6.0

A strong community of values.


Society6.0 is a community of values that has the right to believe that sustainability affects all areas of our lives and actions. It is the declared goal of Society6.0 to develop a sustainable and responsible society, whose people take sustainability for granted both in the private and in the professional environment. We see no contradiction in bringing together economic interests, technologies and the environment and are committed to sustainability. We support our members in gaining the necessary knowledge and experience and taking the necessary steps towards greater sustainability.


Society6.0 respects every single person and its contributions to our social togetherness, regardless of the level of education and level of knowledge. We are convinced that each individual makes a valuable contribution to society. We promote the development of responsible action through the integration of all people and through the understanding that individuals may change little, but together we can build a sustainable society through mutual learning and understanding of individual views and the development of solutions. The primary objective is to improve living conditions and improve the quality of life for all of us without exploiting ourselves and our environment.


Society6.0 is convinced that technologies make a significant contribution to greater sustainability. For us, technology and sustainability are not contradictory: technologies enable new ways in production, for services and for a sustainable use of the resources available to us. We have the declared goal of developing a sustainable and responsible society in which all people are given equal opportunities, without fear of new technologies and the necessary changes in society that will result from them. We support our members in getting to know the technologies from a wide variety of areas and taking the appropriate steps towards greater sustainability using the latest technologies.


Knowledge and education are at the heart of healthy economic growth and drive developments in which new ideas and innovations are implemented in products, processes, and services. Our future lies in transforming our society quickly and consistently into a sustainable, knowledge-based society in order to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Knowledge only becomes the appropriate development instrument for a sustainable society when solid foundations and skills form the basis for translating the theoretical knowledge learned and acquired into a practical and applicable implementation. Communication suitable for every person gives all people the support they need to discover and develop their abilities.

Independent think tank.

Independence and freedom are the prerequisites for developing, discussing, and implementing ideas. Society6.0 believes that many of our ideas fall by the wayside. The reasons for this are manifold. Maybe you do not have the right people in your environment who support you in doing something different? Maybe you do not dare to share your idea because you think it is insignificant? Maybe you do not realize how important your idea is for everyone? Maybe the idea is just not good? Ultimately, it does not matter what is stopping you. In each area, the smallest changes can have a great effect. Dare to develop and share your ideas. Success and failure are close together, and every step takes you further. We support you in developing, evaluating, and implementing your ideas independently and freely.

Our member benefits.

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Education and further qualification

Education and knowledge transfer for personal and professional development for all people: Through empowerment fit for the future.

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Holistic view of the socio-economic and technological topics of our society and its value chains from different perspectives of all members.

Access to the member network

Socio-economic sustainability through joint action in a strong network to improve living conditions.

independent think tank

Contributing ideas and proposed solutions by all members on social, socio-economic, and technological topics.

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